Monday, July 7, 2008

My bananas

Well now the pictures show up but not the text.
These are growing on my banana tree in my yard. I don't know when I'm supposed to pick them though. I might have to make banana daquiris!


Mare said...

Nice bananas, lady. ;)

And I am so there for those banana daiquiris!

With ShoZu, I have found that I can put in 'Subject' but not any text. It's a little frustrating, but better than not sending any photos at all.

What I usually do is try to descibe the photo enough in the subject line that everyone understands what the photo is about. When I get home, I edit the post and add the text then. =)

psychoalice said...

ohh real tree ripped bananas? Will there be any in 9 weeks and 1 day?