Sunday, July 6, 2008


I have to give props to Skechers the shoe company. I bought a pair of cute mary jane type sneakers. They had material(like the shoe shown) by the toes and both shoes wore out by the little toe. I was so upset because I only had them 8 months and got many compliments on them. I called up customer service and they told me to send them back and they would replace them.....yippee!!!!

Well the sent me a letter saying that style is no longer But I could pick another pair....yippee! This is the new shoe I picked.
Great customer service!!!!! Two thumbs up!


Mare said...

Cute-I love them as much as I loved your old ones! =)

And Skechers offers some terrific customer service. I am quite impressed!

mo said...


I've been really disappointed, because I bought Rhiannon 2 pairs of Skechers Calis 2 months ago, and they are already falling apart.

Maybe I need to contact them!

psychoalice said...

Gotta love shoes!!!