Monday, June 9, 2008

Permission to come aboard?

We were out boating in the Gulf around Boca Grande, FL when a Zodiac watercraft came flying towards us with a blue light flashing. Now I had seen the Coast Guard cutter anchored so I assumed they were after some drug smugglers or evil doers. Nope they came right up to us. They were down from St. Petersburg and just checking out things in the Gulf.

They did a safety inspection, made sure we had enough live vests for everyone
on board. They were really nice, knowledgable fun guys.


Gloria Caruso said...

hhmmm...How is it you always manage to have good looking guys around Hope you had a great time on the boat! HI!!!

Unknown said...

They could pull me over any time!!!

Mare said...

Yes, sir! Come right aboard!


You are one lucky lady...

JulieAnn said...

Hi! I came over from WW, and this post caught my eye as my husband is a Coastie :) I'm glad you had a positive experience with the CG.

Happy WW!