Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Got the dresser!

Look how beautiful it is, it is in excellent shape. It is real wood not pressed board and it says it's Brazilian wood. Austin is thrilled with it and so am I for $80.00!
I really like Craigslist!

We took the mirror off to get it home and now that it sits in front of his window the mirror won't fit so we're going to hang it on the wall.


Gloria Caruso said...

Nice dresser and great bargain shopping! Glad Austin likes it! I love Craigslist, I use it to buy and sell up here in Ma!

Mare said...

Niiiiice, Deb. What an incredible score!

Did you check the drawers for hidden treasures yet? ;)

Unknown said...

Only treasures I found in the drawers were a couple of dead flies. LOL

It was incredibly clean inside and out.

Tink *~*~* said...

Glad to see you "cleaned up first"


Tink *~*~*

Anonymous said...

VERY Nice! ~Jody~