Monday, June 16, 2008

Clean up first!

I am looking for a light colored, 6 draw wood dresser for my sons room. He has this wicker thing that is falling apart. We went to furniture stores and the lowest price we could find was $289.00 plus tax, then $40 delivery charge.

So I decided to look on, what a wonderful site. You can literally find everything and anything. I think I found the perfect dresser not far from me and only $80, keep you fingers crossed that it's not sold.

But my original rant was that people take pictures of the items but they don't take stuff off the top of the furniture and worse than that, they have dirty underwear laying on the floor and the lampshade was all crooked. No way in hell would I even think to buy something from those pigs. At least clean up the area first before you take the picture.


Christa said...

That reminds me of that picture that's floated around for years of a dining room table that was put up for sale on eBay or something. The guy taking the picture forgot that he was standing in front of a mirror in the dining room and he was NUDE! LOL

Mare said...

Yup...Craigslist is awesome, but I know what you mean about some of the photos. Scary!

I hope that you are able to grab the dresser. That's a great price! :)