Sunday, June 16, 2013

Seaworld Orlando

I had the opportunity to go to Seaworld last Thursday evening.  I was at the conference.  They closed the park early so about 1,000 travel agents and suppliers could experience some of the park and see the new Antarctic Penguin exhibit.  It was awesome!  It is really cold in where the penguins live so unless you're dressed for it you can't stay in for long but worth seeing.

Some of the more adventurous rode Atlantis and Manta.  I chose to stay on the ground and dance to the dj and roam around.

We were then treated to the show Shamu Rocks!!!   It totally rocked.  Everyone was dancing in their seat and singing.  Some who bravely sat below got quite wet but they didn't seem to mind.

It was a great night.  Thank you and Seaworld!

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