Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tagged with the addiction game

My good friend Mare tagged me so now I have to tell you 5 things I'm addicted to.

1. Like Mare, I'm addicted to my husband. We just happen to have been married exactly one week after them. If I even think about my life without him I could cry...and I don't cry easily ;)

2. My wonderful son and daughter. They really are wonderful little human beings that I enjoy being around. Of course, being teenagers (well my son will turn 13 in April) they do push it every once in a while. But I think I'll keep them.

3. My friends on the "net" I've met some truly wonderful people through my computer.

4. Disney - love it! Always something new to see or do. The more you go the more you get to see and it's less stressful than trying to "get it all in" in one trip.

5. Traveling - I just love going to different places in this great big world. I love being immersed in different cultures and their food, yummy! Traveling with family and friends is even better!


Mare said...

I'm sitting here laughing because I pretty much guessed every single one of your addictions ahead of time!

Honestly, they are the best kind of addictions to have...


Unknown said...

That is because you are a good friend and really know me :)