Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Toy Story Mania ceiling

This is the checkerboard on the ceiling of Disneys newest attraction/ride Toy Story Mania. It is soooooo much fun. I don't usually wait longer than 30 minutes for any ride but this one I waited 45 and 50 minutes to ride....it was that much fun!


Jennifer said...

We were there on umm...9/16/08.
We waited less then 20 minutes that morning and then went back with fastpass later that day.
LOVED it!!
I didn't take a picture of the checkboard part but I did of CandyLand, and several other things in there.

There is a link on my blog to all our pictures if you're interested.

~Just Me Miranda~ said...

Wow, this is a good reason one has to go to disneyland every year, just to see the new stuff.

Mare said...

I totally agree with you, Deb. This is the only ride we will wait for, too! =)