Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh boy Fred

It seems that Freddie has a little chewing problem. So far he's eaten my plastic door stopper, part of the plastic that covers the lounge chairs so they look like wicker. And today was his biggest and most expensive job, the cord to my laptop charger. And it wasn't even the end that I could just replace, I had to buy a whole new one. Set me back $109.00 :(

I yelled at him and told him no and poor Freddie ran to the front door like he was going to run away. He must have gotten yelled at alot in his former life because he was so scared and wouldn't come near me. I took him and Roxy outside to do their business and he played but when I called them to come in, only Roxy came, Fred layed down and wouldn't come in. I felt awful. I had to go in the house with Roxy and he came in when he couldn't see me.

So I got on the floor with him and gave him some love and he's better now. :)

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